Find the Best Restaurants in Rome!

Who has not experienced a situation such as this? After a long flight you arrive tired and hungry at your destination. You head down to the restaurant around the corner from your apartment in Rome and the food is not exactly the typical Italian food you had hoped for… Thus, it is best to research economic and delicious restaurants that are scattered around the area before arriving.

If what you are looking for is a true Italian restaurant, I can recommend August Da, which is an old and traditional place in Rome. Sit at one of the tables directly on the Piazza and the waiter will run over to put down a paper table cloth. If you do not understand what the prattling waiter says, tell him to bring you the plate of the day without thinking twice. It may be “coniglio” (rabbit), “pollo” (chicken), etc. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday and Saturdays at noon. Address: Piazza De `Renzi 15. How to arrive: Tram 8.

Da Giovanni is also magnificent. However, you must arrive early because the small and simple Osteria (porterhouse, and one of the last of its kind) is frequented by workers and locals, thanks to the home-made pasta and delicious wine. Open Monday through Saturday. Address: Via della Lungara 41a. How to arrive: buses 23 and 280.

Finally, I want to recommend the Gino e Pietro. It is a family restaurant, where Mamma Adriana is an amazing chef and Papà Pietro chooses the very best vegetables. The restaurant is always full of regular clients. Rudi Völler went there once when he was playing for AS Roma. Open every day except Thursdays. Address: Via del Governo Vecchio 106. How to arrive: buses 62 and 64.

If you need any advice for your holiday accommodation in Rome, perhaps we can help you…

Enjoy delicious food and a wonderful stay in Rome!


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One Response to “Find the Best Restaurants in Rome!”

  1. Roverella Says:

    The Italian restaurants are the best.

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