Where are you going to stay during your Rome weekend getaway?

Perhaps one of the most pressing questions is where to stay during your weekend break?

Some of the most reasonable Rome hotels and Rome apartments can be found in the centre. In my experience, a one or two star hotel can often be a lot better than what we would consider a two or three star in Britain, as I happily found out when I checked into a two star hotel to find it had a beautiful little Mediterranean roof terrace with a bar and seating area which came alive at night.

Some of the most beautiful Rome accommodation is situated near to the Vatican City, such as Hotel Torre Rossa park (Via Torre Rossa 94) which is within walking distance to the historical centre of Rome itself but has the added luxury of being situated in a beautiful park near Villa Pamphili. The lobby, outside seated area and the restaurant have all been completely renovated to provide clients with a clean, contemporary, modern style.

If you´re looking for something traditional, you will find some of the most picturesque apartments in Rome. Although many of the apartments are quite small in inner city Rome, this is to be expected in such as chaotic city, as there is not much surface area to work with! Apartment prices vary and many require you to stay for at least a week. If you do decide to opt for an apartment, search in the historic quarter, where you will find an abundance of apartments tucked away down little picturesque lanes lined with hanging baskets, quiet cafes and a wonderful array of boutiques.

This beautiful Rome apartment in Via Giuseppe Della Vedova located in the Prenestino district is perfect for a break away from the stresses of life. Situated in the heart of Rome, near to trams and buses, it is the perfect place to relax after a days sightseeing! Rome has wonderful accommodation to offer, but if you want to stay in the more touristy areas such as close to the Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona or Piazza di Spagne, you are more likely to pay more for your Rome accommodation.

No matter how amazing your accommodation may be, be sure to leave it now and again to experience all that Rome has to offer!


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