The Real Sights to See in Rome

When you think of Rome, what do you think of? We all know the stereotypical sights to see in Rome; the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps and I know a lot of guides tell you to give these a miss, to delve ‘beneath the surface’ of tourist Rome, but I am worried that we travelers are going to miss out on exactly what makes Rome; it’s fantastic architecture and it’s beautiful monuments, these really are the reasons we go to Rome in the first place and we mustn’t forget this. Read on if you want to rediscover the real gems of Rome as I know them.

The truth is, Rome really is all it’s cracked up to be and so much more… Known as the Eternal City with good reason, it’s possible to find food at 4 in the morning, people are still out enjoying themselves, eating, drinking and socializing in the city’s bars and restaurants. It’s just the kind of place that you don’t want to leave. Piazza Novona is perfect for finding bars and restaurants and there is an abundance of Rome accommodation too.

What I find great about Rome is that you can never ever feel alone. There´s just far too much going on in the city. Take for example the Trevi fountain. There are always people swarming around this fountain whatever time of year you decide to visit it. Magnificent to look at, the Trevi fountain is seriously a masterpiece and I’d even say it looks more impressive at night than it does in the day. For all you romantics out there, the Trevi fountain is great to propose – lots of people do it right in front of the fountain in the square! The history behind the Trevi Fountain as far as I know is thus; The fountain at the juncture of three roads (tre vie)marks the terminal point of the “modern”Acqua Vergine, the revivified Aqua Virgo, one of the ancient aqueducts that supplied water to ancient Rome. In 19 BC, supposedly with the help of a virgin, Roman technicians located a source of pure water some 13 km (8 miles) from the city.

The coliseum is possibly my favourite place to visit in Rome. Centrally located with lots of Rome apartments and Rome hotels nearby, the Coliseum is one of the most exciting places to visit, I certainly felt just about as close to experiencing Roman times as it’s possible to get. What surprised me the first time I went to the Coliseum when I was about ten was the thought that animals would have been roaming around underneath the coliseum in the cages and stables before being brought up to the main stage to rip some poor man to shreds. The colosseum was originally capable of seating around 50,000 spectators, and used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. It remained in use for nearly 500 years with the last recorded games being held there as late as the 6th century.

No matter where you go in Rome this summer, make sure you go somewhere that you won’t forget. It’s fair enough if you enjoy doing things like visiting a soap factory, or having a trip to the local water park, but believe me, you won’t get the exhilarating feeling that you’re experiencing a bit of Roman history.


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