The wonder that is Rome Trevi Fountain

You will not find any other place in the world that celebrates the incredible power of water like Rome. The Trevi Fountain is a fantastic work of art that is much more than a mere sculpture. This triumphant example of Baroque art with its soft, natural lines and fantasy creatures embodies movement as the soul of the world. The fountain is a true wonder, a jewel of water and stone that is nestled between the palaces of the historic centre of the city.

Rome’s Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s best attractions, and tourists from all over the world come to see it each year. A popular attraction for locals too, this fountain is at the heart of Rome and quite probably Italy’s most famous fountain.

The “Fontana di Trevi” or Trevi Fountain is situated in the small Trevi square located in the Quirinale district and is surrounded by pretty cafes and Geladerias. Easy to access and really central, it is simple to catch the metro at Barberini A. There is plenty of Rome apartments and Rome hotels nearby for your use.

The Trevi fountain is magnificent as it is made out of bright white marble and is the result of a request in 1732 when Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to create a large fountain at the Trevi Square. It’s history does go back to the Roman times however, as it was the terminal point of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct commissioned by Augustus, which was used to provide water for the thermal baths. The water that flows here has two names: Virgin Waters and Trevi. The first refers to an ancient legend about a young Roman girl who showed the source of the spring to some thirsty soldiers; whereas Trevi derives from the old name for the area, which was originally called Trebium.

The central figure of the fountain, in front of a large niche, is Neptune, god of the sea. He is riding a chariot in the shape of a shell, pulled by two sea horses. Each sea horse is guided by a Triton. One of the horses is calm and obedient, the other one restive. They symbolize the fluctuating moods of the sea. On the left hand side of Neptune is a statue representing Abundance, the statue on the right represents Salubrity. Above the sculptures are bas-reliefs, one of them shows Agrippa, the girl after whom the aqueduct was named.

Finally, after making sure you stay in central Rome accommodation, make the most of your trip to Trevi Fountain why not keep up the following local tradition… Legend has it that you will return to Rome one day if you toss a coin into the bottom of the fountain (said to represent the sea) Make sure you toss the coin over your shoulder with your back to the fountain though!


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  1. UK Belly dancer Says:

    The trevi fountain is a wonderful place. Great blog by the way.

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