Language Courses in Berlin

Ever wanted to know how to say a little bit more than “Wie bitte?” “Dankeschön” or “Die Rechnung bitte”? If you are planning a trip to Berlin, or maybe staying there for a while, why not book your Berlin apartment or Berlin hotel, then freshen up on your high school German and take one of Berlin’s many language courses.

There are many language courses available, lasting from just a few days to six months and they are specifically tailored to your needs. For those of you traveling on business and need to be able to say, negotiate in German, there are courses guided to help you with this.

One really good language school is “GLS” (German language School) was founded in 1983 by Barbara Jaeschke, and operates the GLS Campus in Berlin for adult students as well as several  summer camps for juniors in & near Berlin and Munich. It is a member of European Association of Quality Language Services, International Association of Language Centers, Global Work Experience Association, Fachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache and Association of Language Travel Organizations. (Trustworthy and experienced!)

German courses for students aged 18 – 80 take place Mon – Fri, starting at 9:00am with 20 lessons per week and 6 to a maximum of 12 students per group. Business German classes are also available, as well as German for lawyers, journalists and teachers. The standard practice is 10 or 20 lessons per week one-to-one covering general German and business/professional German is covered during one-to-one lessons. For more information, visit;

If you are looking for a quick, intensive language course, try prolog-berlin or even Iberika, which offers tailored, informative courses which consist of 20 classes per week and take place from 10 till 1.30 p.m. The groups are made up of a maximum of ten students and serve as preparation for the official TELC exams. If you just want to learn a bit of the language, and have no exams to pass or any pressure, why not meet some German speaking people in Berlin through or

Finally, some interesting and quirky phrases that you might want to know or use when you arrive in Berlin follow. These idioms sound strange to us, but make perfect sense in German!

A commonly used word by Germans is “arsch”, as an amplifier and to express anger or distaste. Weather can be described as “arschkalt” (very cold) and goods are often described as “arschteuer” (very expensive)… Another favourite word of ours at Oh Trip is “schwein” meaning “pig”, and in particular, “Ich habe Schwein gehabt!” (I’ve had luck!) or if someone is sulking, why not tell them: “Sei keine beleidigte Leberwurst!” (Don’t be an insulted liver sausage!) So, now you’ve got your Berlin accommodation and Deutsch sorted, you’re ready to go!

Auf wiedersehen!!


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