Work and Live in Barcelona


Barcelona is a fantastic place to live and work, take it from someone who does both here!

Although, finding both can be a bit of a challenge, read this article to find out the quickest, easiest and most importantly, safest ways of finding work and apartments in barcelona.

Firstly, there is not much point moving out here if you do not have some sort of job to go to. Fortunately there are a whole host of websites where you can find jobs, including, where you register with your CV and automatically send this CV to companies that you are interested in. The whole process is online and this is how many people in Barcelona find jobs, I would highly recommend it, it certainly takes much of the stress out of finding a job.

As well as this, if infojobs doesn’t work for you, or you aren’t particularly looking for a serious job, or a job in an office, you’ve always got the option of waiting till you get out here and looking for work in Barcelona’s abundant bars, restaurants, shops and clubs, I can guarantee you’ll find something!

Secondly, and still as important, is finding some sort of accommodation. This can be done in many ways. When you first arrive in Barcelona I would recommend renting a cheap hostel for the first week and if necessary, the second. Then begin your hunt for apartments barcelona

This can be done by going on, a really really useful website… Pick out the flats that interest you and are within your price range (anything from €300-375 is reasonable, above that a bit expensive) and have a look round, make sure you don’t go alone though, or at least let someone know where you are going.


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