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Fish and Chips in Barcelona

October 13, 2008

Finally, a little taste of England has come to Barcelona! On Rambla del Raval 26 has graced us with its presence. For those of you who don’t live in Barcelona as a Brit, you won’t know the craving that we get every now and again when think about what we would be eating if we were at home in England on a Friday night, or when we really cant’t be bothered cooking but don’t really fancy an Indian or Chinese. Yes, it’s that kind of hunger that only a lovely portion of home made chips, mushy peas and a lovely battered cod can fill. Make sure you get your Barcelona apartment and Barcelona hotel near to this wonderful smelling restaurant!

This fish and chip wittily named; “Fish and Chips”, has only recently opened and is the creation of two mothers; blah and blah. The cuisine here is taditional, authentic fish (just how we like it), where typical fresh cod in batter and chips made from freshly cut potatoes as well as all of the extra side dishes such as mushy peas, baked beans, curry sauce and much more are served. There are British drinks too, such as the lovely sugary obligatory drinks Vimto and Lilt, and for the Scots out there, good old Irn Bru and to add a Spanish touch you can even get a beer or a glass of wine with your meal.

In May 2008, the very special restaurant was featured in that months edition of Easy Jet Inflight Magazine and the two ladies who run the British food hot spot had their say. Julie, 43, who ran a bar in Liverpool, while Julia, 40, was in marketing in London, before they moved to Barcelona seven years ago.
After setting up a nanny service in the city, Tender Loving Canguros, the women seized upon the idea of running a fish and chip shop late one night, while trying to come up with money-making plans to ensure they need never leave Barcelona. (Aren’t we all!)
Besides the joys of the usual chip shop fare —everything freshly battered, cut, peeled and cooked on the premises—the Catalans have also been initiated into the pleasures of crumpets, haggis and English pies.

“As something new in Barcelona, it’s created a lot of excitement,” says Julie. “We’re the first stop for a lot of people straight off the plane. Some people come in every day and some find us at the end of their stay. We’re also fully licensed and sell the cheapest pint in town.”
“We haven’t had a day off in nine months, but we love it, especially now the weather is warm and we can chat to customers outside on our terrace. We also hold regular themed parties—Easter, Halloween, Christmas. All the locals watch us with amazement,” she laughs.
So, be sure to visit this spot on your trip to Barcelona, and right by it you will find a fine selection of Barcelona accommodation.