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Celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall

March 20, 2009
People celebrating on the Berlin Wall

People celebrating on the Berlin Wall

Exactly 20 years ago everybody in the world could see the same thing on television, a thing that meant the end of an ongoing conflict between kapitalism and communism and a thing that would give many people their freedom back; it was the end of the Berlin wall.

For this reason it is the Berlin-mauer year in Germany and for me a good time to refresh my memory about the history of this 45,3 kilometers long stone wall.

Immediatly after the second world war the city Berlin was divided in three parts of which the eastern part was controlled by the Russians. The cold war meant increasing tensions between the kapitalist west and communist east side and a clear distinction between these two sides of the city arised. Since the creation of the DDR on the east side many people moved to the west side of Berlin, the reaction of the DDR to this was to place fences and guardposts at the border in 1952.

The border build in 1952 was no real strain for many people to still flee the east side, these people where mainly well-educated people like professors and doctors which obviously had a very negative effect on the DDR economy. When in the end the excistense of the country was engdangered the DDR decided to build the concrete wall, starting in the night of August 12, 1961.

When the Berlin wall was finished it consisted of a concrete wall on the border and a smaller one a bit further into the DDR. The space in between this wall was cleared of everything to make it impossible for people to escape, there would be no way for them to hide from the gunfire of guards on this ´no mans land´.

The wall was broken down on november 9, 1989 at the end of the cold war but there are still parts visible in the city. Although it is illegal, many tourist like to brake a piece from the wall to take home. Because of the anniversary there is an accommodation in Berlin who found a solution to this. The Westin Grand Berlin hotel has a special Mauerspecht package. If you book it you get the necessary tools to get a piece from the wall they have displayed in their lobby. I would say, book this accommodation Berlin and enjoy the fun!